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Every single retail business in the United States has specials and inventory but must depend on local floor traffic in their store to generate sales. Advertising in print no longer works and is not cost effective. Advertising in yellow pages is very expensive and is a one year commitment. Why are they stopping the publishing of phone books all over the United States? It is also not working and is not cost effective.

The world of retailing has changed forever. Every day, more and more people are searching on the internet, using computers and now smart phones and tablets. If they cannot find you or don't know specifically what you have, you cannot sell to them. Your competitors that change with the times will survive and flourish; the ones that don't will eventually stop making any profit and go out of business.

You can use your ThumbsUp Stuff specials and inventory link to promote your business as follows:
  • On your current home page with Specials and Inventory Links that can be clicked.
  • On Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus, Etc..
  • On Craigslist by adding our link to your Specials and Inventory to your listing.
  • On your already existing internet listings under Yelp, Manta, Local Yahoo, Yellow Pages, City Search, Super Pages, AOL Patch, Etc..
  • On your e-mail marketing if you currently do e-mail marketing.
  • On any and all promotion you currently do for your business.
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